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A consultant is an individual who is a recognised authority or expert in a professional field, with special skills or knowledge not possessed by ITC staff. Consultants perform result-orientated tasks of a temporary nature for which there is no continuing need in the Organisation and which the Organisation is unable to meet from within the staff.

An individual contractor is an individual engaged from time to time under temporary contract to provide expertise, skills or knowledge for specific task or piece of work against payment of an all-inclusive fee. The work assignment may involve full-time or part-time functions similar to those of staff members, such as the provision of translation, editing or secretarial/clerical and part-time maintenance services.

Consultants and Individual Contractors are hired in their individual capacity to undertake the tasks set out in their specific Terms of Reference. In the event that the Consultant or Individual Contractor requires the services of subcontractors to perform any obligations under the Contract, the Consultant/Individual Contractor shall obtain the prior written approval of the Kantala Traders for any such subcontractors.
Unlike database and data warehouses, BI is an enterprise-wide evolving environment. This means you will continually improve and enhance your BI system, based on feedback you receive from your business community. By contrast, databases and data-warehouses are developed for only one set of knowledge workers from one line of business, and they do not change much once they are implemented. Also, BI projects involve cross-organizational activities because they sustain an enterprise-wide decision-support environment.
BI usually starts from the requests of the functional departments. Marketing, Sales, Financial, Manufacturing knowledge workers like to have "actionable information" in timely fashion. The requirements are usually not created by the IT departments.

Following are, though not limited to, list of benefits to a company 1. Deliver visible performance improvements consistently 2. Become better equipped to ensure a common approach 3. Reduce the aggravation and resistance to change internally 4. Develop better models and clearer communications 5. Reduce the time for and pain of change 6. Use a method that scales for both small and large projects 7. Understand the roles and responsibilities of the people in the process 8. Know when to use the right tools for the job (e.g. root cause analysis, Lean, Six Sigma)

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