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A business process is a set of logically related business activities that combine to deliver something of value (e.g. products, goods, services or information) to a customer. Our Business Process Analysis and Design services insists the importance of having common language between Business and IT.

With the critical business analysis knowledge and skills we have, we model, automate, manage and optimize your business processes. Our approach increases productivity and meet essential compliance and customer service needs. Kantala's team has the essential knowledge and skills for applying the most effective and current business analysis techniques when modeling your business, comprehensively analyzing the current state, and subsequently designing the future state. The application of these techniques will identify key deliverables and the major steps from modeling and analysis of the current state and future state design.

“No matter how hard individuals work, they cannot overcome a flawed process design, much less the burden of no design at all.”

  Michael Hammer, co-author of Reengineering the Corporation, in his book The Agenda.

There is a continuum from business process analysis and design to business process development and implementation to business process operation and management. A Process describes a sequence or flow of activities within an organization with the objective of performing work. There exist one or more processes for every area and stages of business.

  • Processes exist for implementing requirements
  • Processes define functionality to be provided by systems
  • Processes also link the functionality of the systems to the external manual operational components
  • Processes govern development and implementation work

Our business process design method helps your organisation in understanding and defining the business activities effectively. Our process design is concerned with designing a business’ processes to ensure that they are optimised, effective, meet customer equirements, and support and sustain organisational development and growth. Our well-designed process will improve efficiency and deliver greater productivity.

In case of organisations where there is no process in place we introduce business process design at the beginning stages of their business projects, rather than as an end in itself. Our goal will be to implement business change, whether that change is primarily organisational (improve the business’ operating processes), technical (implement or integrates software systems), or a combination of the two.

In a process improvement project, the focus of the business process design phase is to streamline the process: to understand and measure the requirements, and to eliminate the risk of losing value through inefficient or inappropriate activities.

In a technology implementation project, the focus is on understanding the processes that are being automated, and ensuring that the appropriate technology is selected, configured and implemented to support them.

In both cases, the process design activities can range from modest (e.g. tweak existing processes and look for some quick wins) to aggressive (e.g. identify major opportunities to increase value or drive down costs through radical process improvement or outsourcing).

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